Discovery day of an ancestral therapy "Shiatsu"

The whole Station F-MR

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Come discover a therapy that comes straight from Japan: “The Shiatsu”

Shiatsu is a therapy that helps to harmonize and promote energy circulation in the body. It is a massage that is done with clothes on and on the floor on a futon. It is a mixture of joint mobilization, stretching and pressure on the body with the thumb or the hand palm. We work mainly on energy circuits called “Meridians” that can be defined as channels through which the energy of our organs is distributed in our body. The main purpose of Shiatsu is to put the receiver in contact with his body and his emotions.

Réda, Jérôme and Janne will be delighted to give you a massage on the edge of the Lachine Canal and answer all your questions about this ancestral therapy.

Just introduce yourself with soft clothes that allow movement.

30 min session on free donation

We thank Station F-MR for welcoming us and giving you the chance to discover this beautiful practice. See you there !